01 December 2016 @ 04:48 pm
so we need food cards for POG this month AND to give out gifts to 8 players. i'd like to help some folks out + knock some gift giving off my to-do list, or potentially trade some food cards for other food cards to help us both with the trading + food card task, so i'm offering up my hoard of food related deck name cards here:

feel free to take as many as you need or want! i'm also never going to say no to regular/random trades!

21 November 2016 @ 07:38 pm
hello colors!!! i fell off the face of the earth for a while again, but i'm back! at least for trading...i miss trading a lot. i got some random cards from novemeber and october decks yesterday so you can root through my new pile for them, and i'm free to help anyone with pog trades, acrostic...whatever is still going on round these parts.

ALSO feel free to ask for gifts!

click the banner to go to my trade pile! also feel free to trade me sigs since i still have a few: all sigs gone!

EDIT: HOLY SMOKES i'm almost done with the monthly acrostic, so please help me with the following letters:


04 May 2016 @ 01:44 pm
I still have five open April slots! Please take them uwu I'll accept any cards from any decks i'm currently collecting, from my top priorities to my less than 5 pile.

1. miraculous03 (shanny)
2. executed16 (eon, drag15)
3. pluviale16 (eon, inari10)
4. unmask20 (chrissy)
5. vasavi20 (chrissy)
SP. kanahana03 (adelicya, catbingu07)

i also want to get pog out of the way super quick huhu so let's talk business

GREEN: if we've never traded or last traded in march, please tell me or random trade me or whatever!
BLUE: feel free to ask for any kind of crayon from me that can help you complete a deck. i have waaaaaay too many of them.

i also want to do acrostic this month sooooo let's trade! i've also got three sig copies uwu

17 April 2016 @ 08:55 pm
i don't think i'll be collecting anything this month again SO all my slots are open for cards i'm collecting or they're free if we're homodachis.

1. miraculous03 (shanny)
2. executed16 (eon, drag15)
3. pluviale16 (eon, inari10)
4. unmask20 (chrissy)
5. vasavi20 (chrissy)
SP. kanahana03 (adelicya, catbingu07)

i also need to trade with five more people and compliment just as many to finish pog this month. i kind of let colors slip off my radar while i got swamped with work, so gomen! i'd love random trades, but i also need the following cards to help complete collections + clear out my wishlist.




come see what else i'm collecting and my new card pile!
26 March 2016 @ 12:29 am
i don't have slots or wanton desires BUT i do have a large tradepile, some change in my pocket and the inexplicable urge to yodel


i want these





i'm collecting lithuania and poland as an exercise in card count posturing. did i master them already? yes. who cares? not me.

i currently ONLY have lithuania11/18 and poland 13/19/20 so i will gladly take any of those i don't already have because i'm disgusting.


i really want to clear out my wishlist so PLEASE trade me cards from the following decks:

and as always, normal and random trades are appreciated!!

13 March 2016 @ 08:38 pm
so the past few months ive noticed that the graphics donation post is super tumbleweedy, meaning it hasn't seen a lot of action lately. i used to do this back in the day, but if you would like to receive free cards without having to work for them or if you're just incapable/insecure about graphics, i offer you a solution!!

i enjoy making colors graphics, so mi photoshop es tu photoshop. i can give you level banner sets + sketchpads + links to make...just tell me what you'd like!!

because i'm horrible at being organized, fill out the form and i'll get back to you within 48 hours, usually.

you CAN request series you'd like me to make, but otherwise my poor feeble connection is just making love live sprite and starry sky banners b/c well fuck you i will do as i please!!!

also sketchpads will be b/w pokemon sprites unless otherwise requested.

also no payment or thanks is required, but if you love me you'll let me have first pick of your rewards ♥
12 March 2016 @ 03:25 am
1. SHANNON (chatnoir09)
2. LIZ (whiteblood/darkblood)
3. SAMI (heritt07)
4. CHRISSY (chivalrous11)
5. LITA (birthday11)
6. KAEDE (yamigitsune17)
7. KAEDE (marysue17)
8. EON (aspire19)
9. EON (ban-chan19)
10. VETH (kuwabara04)
SP. KAEDE (kamiyan17)

SO nothing from this release really intrigues me so i'll be handing slots differently than most

  • FRIENDS can get cards for free
  • OTHERS can get cards for any deck i'm currently collecting from my collecting and future sections (INCLUDING LESS THAN 5 AND SPECIAL). also i forgot to mention but one per person please, oops.

    as usual, rando trades and the like are appreciated...

    OKAY I WANT TO GET POG OVER WITH ASAP and i'm almost done except deck donations (that liz is taking care of for me) and trades. so let's trade, shall we?

    i have one sig copy left for trade if you want to do the bonus!

    open to random trades + i can help you with pog madlib task and clues if you want!

    also looking for these cards:

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    29 February 2016 @ 06:17 pm
    SO I WENT BIG AND WENT HOME i bought the other two valentines boxes

    1. chrissy ; brokenrose11 (link)
    2. lulu ; trichronika10 (link)
    3. rae ; dhampir05 (link)
    4. hijiri ; chainsaw12 (link)
    5. january ; xiii15 (link)

    1. lita ; deserteagle20 (link)
    2. samichan ; lorikeet17 (link)
    3. cassie ; keyboard01 (link)
    4. aletha ; fugaku18 (link)
    5. kaia ; goodnight13 (link)
    6. cassandra jane ; demoneyes01 (link)
    7. chels ; restore11 (link)
    8. olivia ; innuendos06 (link)
    9. auria ; manatree07 (link)
    10. aru ; archadia01 (link)

    for your own reference, i've already given to these people!

    also i love trades....so come trade with me! randoms, any size, ya feel me

    also looking for the following cards; i'll love you forever!!
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    21 February 2016 @ 03:56 pm

    i like to trade and give people cards they need for pretty stuff + lower priorities + random stuff, so please trade with me! from 5 cards to 50, it doesn't matter!! i also want to start growing my decks in my less than 5 and wishlist sections; the latter of which is down below:

    some of them are a longshot, but hey. it doesn't hurt to try! link me your pile and let's do this thing mo_om


    so I have a habit of letting crayons just...sit there forever. i always think "no don't spend them, what if you can get that card trading someday and it'll be a waste!!" and they just accumulate and so on. so i'm going to give people the opportunity to swap their crayons for mine since i don't really use them.

    i want to keep 30 of each so if a crayon colors is a or below 30, you cannot ask. but other than that, feel free to ask for 8 reds in exchange for 8 yellows or whatever floats your boat.

    15 February 2016 @ 08:47 am
    Got my mega box candy!

    1. Shannon (schism14) link
    2. Ana (wratch19) link
    3. Jailynn (villagerb13) link
    4. Dialny (super06) link
    5. ReneeTwist (orange06) link
    6. Liz (titania16) link
    7. Trap (shamisen17) link
    8. Kaede (super17) link
    9. Veth (names12) link
    10. Eon (spectator20) link
    11. Kari (selfless13) link
    12. Jane (yard18) link
    13. Erin (starmagic13) link
    14. Dina (make-up15) link
    15. Netbug (well-spoken13) link
    16. Mech (tomboyish01) link
    17. Jiyu (burgers20) link
    18. Michelle (combat04) link
    19. Jasper (bread20) link
    20. Tarma (baseball05) link
    21. Nami (tenmon20) link
    22. Lenga (voiceless) link
    23. Moon (tamer14) link
    24. Jun (buku01) link
    25. Harukami (atonement04) link

    tell me what you want; first come first serve!

    if you get me anything...surprise me! and leave it here, please!

    09 February 2016 @ 12:42 pm
    let's get to it, shall we?

    TRADES i want to do the monthly acrostic trading thing pretty quick, but i also have the weekly to do. big random trades are great! let's trade up a storm. i'm actually looking to also finish up some collecting decks too, so if you have any of these i'll love you forever:


    GIFTS members in the primary and fruits tier can take up to 10 cards out of my pile, just tell me what you want!

    GLASSES also trading glasses cards for glasses cards. i only need two more but i'm willing to help others! just tell me that's what you're looking for in your random trade and we can get to swappin'

    26 January 2016 @ 12:02 pm
    i know i just posted but i woke up to hell opening its mouth aka everyone is talking about february already SO

    1. reticent20 (eon, yellow)
    2. shogiclub18 (eon, yellow)
    3. protein02 (eon, yellow x3)
    4. genbushin17 (ixionesis, orange)
    5. 2-d02 (veth, purple)
    6. cosplayer02 (veth, purple)
    7. brusque02 (veth, purple)
    8. chastiefol03 (nikita, blue)
    9. buddypolice03 (kaede, orange)
    10. speedosound10 (shannon, natta)
    SP. heirs18 (kaede, orange)

    I don't have any decks I think I'm interested in so I'm offering up these for any kind of crayon. Orange, brown, chartreuse, etc. Whatever you have too much of and want to give!


    I desperately want to complete as much of PoG in the short amount of time I have left to do so, but I need your help! Here's my to-do list that maybe you can help me with:

    - Deck donations: If you have extra decks you want donated for Feb, toss them to me.
    - I need non Japanese characters for the green task!
    - Trading in general
    - Please ask for gift cards!

    Also willing to help dispence non JP characters and tails character cards to help you out!


    I have trades for starting with EEEETUUYY to do to complete the monthly Acrostic, so let's random trade!

    I still have January slots left (i think 3 or 4, i need to update the post) so those are also an option for you. My card pile has been stagnant since early 2014 so have fun looking through all the golden oldies.

    25 January 2016 @ 06:49 pm
    HI....after going on an indefinite hiatus, I'm back! I'm looking to trade up a storm and get back into the swing of things. Also offering up slots for people:

    1. sunfighter17
    2. deckbuilder15
    3. stagefright01
    Sp. visualnovel11

    Any of these are available for anything in my collecting. This means the 5 x 4 cards, NOT futures. Also tell me if the card search script doesn't work, lord almighty.

    PLEASE EITHER USE THE TRADEFORM OR LEAVE TRADES HERE because I need to make a new DW tradepost. Thank you!

    It's nice to be back! \o/ Also if you'd like to connect/reconnect, my plurk is [plurk.com profile] ships
    08 May 2014 @ 12:16 am
    1. Random trades. Pick stuff from my pile, tell me what you want + link me to your pile = i'll give you stuff!

    2. pog! i need to: trade with 27 members, trade 3 blue cards, get 3 musician cards, donate one deck, trade 3 specials.

    I will donate a deck for you!!!! Other than that, I'll try to get it all done with my random trades.

    3. may slots! i don't want anything so trading slots for cards i'm collecting + portfolio cards + future decks. not less than decks though!

    1. kazu > duel14 (20faces08)

    30 April 2014 @ 12:00 pm
    Hi all! Up for some random trades + I still need 4 expert cards! please trade some to me because i'm so lost on 99.9% of the canons here, enough to know what cards I've got even qualify.

    also i need to trade with one more high level player and give one more player a gift from my april cards! just check my logs omg
    01 April 2014 @ 01:36 pm
    Oh boy, I got a lot of shit to do here.

    RED: I need to give five players a gift! Please just tell me you want a card and I'll give it to you. uwu You can keep coming back to this post as April progresses, since I know the cards have to be from this month.

    GREEN: Random trades! Please trade with me here and tell me what tier you fall into just to help me out. To help you out, I'm in the higher tier category.

    BLUE: Expert cards! I'm not sure how many I have since I don't know a lot about a lot of the canons here, but trade those to me please!

    BROWN: I'm looking around for butts to pat, feel free to pat mine.

    For the trading task for POG and acrostic, let's do some random trading! It'll help us both out for both of these so h*ck yeah. Like it's always been, just go to my trade post, tell me what you want and link me your post, I'll find stuff I want. Trade me 40 cards, I don't give a damn. I need all the letters for the monthly and the weekly so!!!

    I really don't want anything that I can see from this release. So trading slots for my collecting and keeping. Not for less than 5 decks though! If you don't have anything, crayon bribe me if you want?? Idk.
    1. onlyreason/livestock04 (12thpillar20, january)
    2. deathchanter/failure07 (fox01, january)
    3. allmeans06 (stylist17, yuki)
    4. simple13 (20faces07, yun)
    5. stride09 (fox14, lin)
    6. windward05 (holybell12, laurant)
    7. orcatrainer09 (yellowcrayon, steakmilk)
    8. visions15 (prideful03, em)

    10 March 2014 @ 04:17 am
    I need three RPG related cards! I have the following cards for you:
    alcohol19, amulet01, amulet09, bills18, biscuit08, biscuit10, blades13, bread03, cake10, cards08, guide14, guitar06, heal07, horns02, ice08, knife14, ladle09, ladle13, letter18, lighter08, lighter13, milk10, milk17, parasol14, porn18, potion08, potion14, ramen08, silverknife04, silverknife15, skirt01, skirt05, skirt08, skirt10, soup04, vest15, watch18, cakes06, cakes16, mushroom08, swords20

    If you want these to have them, then fine, but I would like RPG cards in exchange!

    Trading with people!

    Please random trade me! You know the drill. Also sorry my post is being a little laggy, idk what the dealio is.

    I need all the following letters for the acrostics:
    U, A, R, O, M, L, K, L, O, SIG TRADE

    I have a special slot open for the March release! If you'd like it, we can talk uwu
    27 February 2014 @ 10:28 pm
    Hey! This month, I'll be collecting sigma!

    1. eyeignite07/thecoven07 (sigma01, al)
    2. nobility10 (sigma05, senren)
    3. structure12/ratio12 (sigma03, lita)
    4. gaudy09 (sigma07, yun)
    5. sigma20 (me)
    6. magoi20 (sigma09, sami)
    7. concern01 (sigma19, shannon)
    8. sonic01 (lateshift01, shannon)
    9. goodnight02 (sigma17, nata)
    10. setz18 (sigma13, january)
    Extra slot 1. soapland15 (christy, sigma11)
    Extra slot 2. blush01 (meseum20, shannon)
    Sp. ???

    Also random trades! Look through my pile, tell me what you want, toss me your pile, I'll pick stuff out.

    Also speicially looking for the following cards:
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    14 February 2014 @ 06:33 pm
    OKAY SO I BOUGHT ALL THREE BOXES I have 2 left for my mega box, and then 10+5 gift slots coming my way. I haven't gotten them just yet, but you can still ask for gift cards.


    I also want to give out gifts! Here's my trade pile and you can ask for a card or two from it! Also, for those I have cards on hold for, you can take those! Just look at the bottom here!

    If you want to return the favour, I would like fullmoon cards I need! Surprise me with what the numbers are \o